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Your guide to the best things to do in Southeast Asia, a unique and fascinating land. Learn from my first-hand experiences more about what to do in Bangkok and things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

Featuring tips to get the most from your adventures in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, and Myanmar.

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Below are highlights of my work in various places I have traveled around the world. Please click on any preview to open the gallery.

In my photographs I try to capture the spirit of the place where I am at the time.

I like to study the social and cultural issues at work in a scene that I photograph. I focus on a variety of constructs in my work and vary between human subjects, the architecture of a locale, its landscape, and the sense of public place there.

I think it is vital to explore all four of these facets to truly understand and appreciate where you are in the world. I am happy when I can show my viewers something about another part of the world.